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Alison Roosevelt. 5 feet tall. aged 20 years. EDNOS, atypical depression, and generalized anxiety. Recovering in New York City

July 23, 2014 at 2:44am
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Ordered a new vape and 2 Mac lipsticks, so I’m looking forward to having packages waiting for me when I get home.

In other news, my eating has been great and I looked helluh cute today.

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Can someone teach me how to:

  • Stop feeling guilty about things that aren’t my fault
  • Have a thicker skin
  • Give myself the benefit of the doubt instead of believing the worst about myself always
  • Generally be a functional adult

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Horrendous mood swings today. My family didn’t notice, but I was texting my boyfriend and I said such awful things (about myself, not him). And I knew they were bad, so even at the time I was thinking to myself like, “now you’ve gone and done it. This is going to be the last straw: he’s going to leave you.”
I was such a wreck and I felt like such a crazy person. After I calmed down (sangria at dinner helped), I felt so embarrassed. If people knew that I had these issues on a regular basis they wouldn’t hesitate in telling him to break up with me, and I’m sure of that. 

I’m sure it’s just me taking a lower dose of meds. This always happens and it’s such a nightmare. At least I can go get my refill soon enough.
I’ve been drinking lots of alcohol at dinner recently to cope: I need a tranquilizer and it fills that role. Maybe I should shoot for a xanax prescription? My psychiatrist isn’t very helpful, but I’ll talk things through with him.

I feel awful that my boyfriend is choosing to stick with an unstable person such as myself. He said some things that made me feel a little better, though:
"…And I do have a reason to stay. You’re wonderful and I enjoy being in a relationship with you. Sometimes it’s far from easy (for both of us), but I’m willing to stay with you through it all if you are."
"You don’t ruin everything for me, stop saying that. And most of the time you’re fine. Just like the same could be said about me. Relationships are work. You know that. We make a great team. And I’m not giving that up."
"Good, because you’re special. And even if you don’t see it in yourself at times, I do. And I’m calling dibs."

July 22, 2014 at 6:29pm
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There was rabbit topiary.

There was rabbit topiary.

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Some guy on reddit was messaging me the other day just to get my opinion on women whose photos he sent me. He wanted to know which ones I found attractive, I have no idea.

Anyway, the first picture is of a white model, C-cup boobs prob, and long, blonde hair. Really gorgeous, but not really my type, so I told him so.
So he kept sending me pictures of women trying to find my type or something? But he just kept sending me women who pretty much had the same attributes of the first one. 
The only difference between them was that one was slightly tanner or had hair with browner tones in it. I literally told him that he has a really warped perception of diversity, so baffled homeboy kept on sending me white, long blonde haired, C-cupped models that he thought were somehow so incredibly different from the ones he’d sent before and it was pretty sad.

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the fact women are viewed as being more sexy at 15 than 40 is the creepiest thing in the world

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Actually the term “landwhale” for fat women is really appropriate seeing how whales are treated. It’s like saying to someone: “I realise that you are an intelligent, sensitive being but when people see you they are likely to treat you cruelly and pretend it’s because of scientific reasons although really it’s just bloodsport to them.”

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This is the same man.

This works quite nicely at debunking the “beefcake guys in comics are objectified for women just like women in comics are for men!” imo.  On the left: a magazine tailored for a male audience, showing him in full beefcake-type mode with headlines about how you, too, can look like this.  On the right: a magazine tailored for a female audience, which has a headline about romance and shows him looking more or less like a normal dude.

Tell me again how comic book guys are designed for female sexual enjoyment, completely equivalent to anatomically-improbable spines and giant tits with their own individual centers of gravity, and totes aren’t just male power fantasies.


Women don’t treat men the way men treat women.

it’s also worth noting that despite all the geeks complaining about women’s impossible standards, the fantasy on the right sets a really really easy low bar to meet:

"cool clean friendly non-aggressive man who will cook a food for u"

yep what an unfair standard to be subjected to

that last comment was beautiful

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mainstream tumblr feminism may have many glaring faults but it has bred an army of teenage girls who understand the common ways that misogyny is reinforced in society and who know that they’re better off loving their fellow woman than fighting with her and that’s actually pretty damn revolutionary

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New Anti-Abortion Legislation Requires Doctors To Scale 18-Foot Wall Surrounding Clinic


New Anti-Abortion Legislation Requires Doctors To Scale 18-Foot Wall Surrounding Clinic

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At the pharmacy, and here is the rack of fitness mags to choose from. Huh. Seems to be a different standard for women (no pants!) than for men (pants!). #notbuyingit #bodyimage #fitness (at Schnucks Markets)


At the pharmacy, and here is the rack of fitness mags to choose from.
Huh. Seems to be a different standard for women (no pants!) than for men (pants!).
#notbuyingit #bodyimage #fitness (at Schnucks Markets)

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